Use clash of kings cheats and destroy enemies with “skill”!

The world of games is flooded with a lot of games that can be played online as well as offline. There are a lot of developers who have come up with various games but a few games have been much popular among the players of various age groups due to a number of features associated with it. The gamers have their own choice but they usually love to play the game that is tougher and need some intellect to control the situation that suddenly emerge. There is a new game that has recently rocked the google play market.

clash of kings app

This game that is named as clash of kings has awesome features that are loved by the players. Before playing the game one just needs to go through the instruction once and then can start playing the game. There are various levels of the game and therefore whether one is a novice for the gaming or a pro-gamer can play the game with equal enthusiasm. Though the game looks simpler but it needs a lot practice to command it with confidence however with practice one can doubtlessly become a good player. The simple question here arises about the content of the game and the quality of the various features of the game.

So far as the quality of the game is concerned, the graphics used by the developers are amazing. It gives a perfect feel to the player about the game. It is a game that one can play on iOS as well as Android. The game can be played on a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone. As it is an online game the developers have taken all the care about the privacy of the players and hence it is covered with anti-ban technology. There are no footprints of the gamers are also left and therefore it is perfectly secured game for the players.

clash of kings youtube

The structure of the game is very simple. It is an island based game where the enemies have enslaved the natives of the island and the player needs to release them by attacking on the base of the enemy and demolish it with his troops. One can create his troops of any number but has to conquer the enemy which has a huge troop, surrounded by watch towers with snipers and blackguards. There are artilleries and cannons also from which the player has to save his troops and create a base also. There are also various resources that one needs. In the game there are resources such as gold, diamond and wood and one can easily generate them. There is a button or a slider is provided that one can move and generate resources as per requirement. Once the resources are generated one has to complete an offer which is not so big also and only after the completion of the offer the resources can be functional. The whole process takes a few minutes only and thereafter one is ready to play the game and conquer the enemy in no time. This is why you should use cheats for clash of kings app! Have great time playing this amazing game on your mobile phone!

Movie as game – Good idea?

He have all seen a lot of games that comes from popular movies,or good book,and even some movies get ideas from games and so on. But is it really good idea to play game before watching the movie? Or should you do it vice versa? Lets talk about it!

First of all,I think it is better when you play a game,and then watch a movie. Why? Well let me explain you. Game is usually much longer then movie,and if you know what will happen you will not have so much fun,but on the other hands if you know ending of a movie,from a game,but you never watched it,you don’t know what will they do. They can turn around whole story,and special effects will help you to enjoy even more. So my advice is,first play game,then watch a movie,then play game a little bit more until you get bored of it.


But this is only if game that you wish to play is fun. Otherwise,leave it alone,don’t watch some movie for some game,and don’t play it. Just download some cool apps from internet and enjoy having fun,and you won’t had to think about some not so interesting things like this. Which apps I can recommend you? Well,there are huge list of apps that you can choose from. I personally (again) love playing mobile games,because they are very light and I just see myself doing this over and over again. If you are not into it,maybe try some PC masterrace game. With 4k screen it is really amazing experience and if you have powerfull rig at your home,you are most likely to have some awesome time.


Here is just a picture of some random kid playing games on PC:




As you see,this kid play some s*it for like 10 hours,and that can really be bad for your healt,not to mention about social life he will (won’t) have when he is a little bit older. That is only advice that you will get from me,as you see,to play PC games,in most cases you need to sit,and you are not able to change positions while,when you play on mobile phones,you can be on your head,and you would still be able to play it without important problems and distractions.


This is one of the best reasons I have to offer you to go with Android phone,because it has great number of choices and it is just much better then iOS. Probably go with LG,they have BEST PHONES! If you don’t know which one,please leave a comment and I will be happy to help you. Also,my email is “” so if you need anything,anything at all,please feel free to send me message,I will be happy to answer as fast as I can! Remember,gaming on mobile is better for you,but don’t do it to much! Anything more then one hour average per day is just waste of time. Go out,and live your life. Kids that play games to much,doesn’t have life actually,so yea,just enjoy reality!